New York City offers a rich network of Syringe Exchange and Expanded Syringe Access Programs where drug users can access free, sterile syringes and other health promotion materials and resources.

Please see this PDF for a statewide list of Syringe Exchange Program hours and locations- NYS Syringe Exchange Sites

Or utilize the below map to see which New York City locations are closest to you!

*Not in NYC? See this map of Syringe Exchange Programs across the country- amfAR USA SEP Site Map

GREEN icons are office-based syringe exchange operations.
LIGHT BLUE icons are street or mobile-based syringe exchange operations.
RED icons represent programs that restrict their clients to those already enrolled in their program/ not open to the general public.
The INDIGO tint shows where agencies operate street-based roving (or ‘walkabout’) syringe exchange services.

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